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Do you see it? custom fabric keychains for Nike shoe designs


Nowadays, with the development, many bag designs will customize some Keychains. There are many types of keychains. When it comes to keychains, everyone thinks about metal keychains. But nowadays textile keychains are becoming more and more popular. Many brand bags, shoes and co-branded t-shirts are constantly using this keychain as a hanging ornament.
Why is this?
The first is the weight. Generally, the weight of such a custom fabric keychains is only about 8 grams. A metal keychain requires at least 15g of weight.
The second is the material. We all know that the metal keychain is mainly made of zinc alloy, iron, copper, etc., and the metal will contain nickel.
The third is the process: custom metal keychain surface treatment process: polishing, paint , soft enamel, printing, fuel injection, sand blasting, electroplating. These are all with serious pollution.
The fourth is durability: although the metal is very hard, the surface treatment process makes the keychain very bright and smooth, but as a jewelry, it is very easy to collide. So the surface is very easy to scratch. Make the degree of good looks greatly reduced.

So choose more and more bags, the keychain will choose a custom fabric keychains.
Of course, there are a lot of custom fabric keychains, such as the advantages of the advertising gift keychain:
1 great mobility: the keychain point of the advertising gift has the advantage of where to go, and where the advertising gift is.

2 cost-effective: advertising gift keychain has the advantages of low input cost, fast manufacturing process, and deep consumer impression;

3 functional and practical: advertising gift keychain has the practical function of ordinary products, is an essential daily necessities for people;

4 propaganda effect: the advertising gift keychain printed on your company's logo or slogan, the advertising gift effect brought by itself is self-evident.

5 Timeliness: How long does the advertising gift keychain last? How long is the advertising gift aging? It can be used for long-term publicity.

Now let's introduce some popular and popular custom fabric keychains:
A. Classic red and white, red as the base, white as the logo. For example, the embroidery keychain on the shoes of the Fashion Editor Anna Wintour and Jordan shoes Nike joint series. Or the classic design of the custom jet tags before the "remove before flight" design.

B. The custom fabric keychains with the lowest color of the country or army. For example, this uses the American flag as the key tag design, and the color on the second army suit as the key tag, plus the embroidery logo.

C. You can choose the logo of the color matching related to the company industry, such as the black color key label of the pilot. White "pilot" letters and yellow patterns are used as logos. For example, beer bottle shapes and beer elements are used as logo custom fabric tag.

D. Custom fabric keychains for geometric shapes, such as prismatic shapes, bracelet shapes, irregular graphics, etc.

Finally, we briefly introduce the keychain properties:
Logo type process: embroidery, weaving, silk screen, thermal transfer, jacquard and intaglio (or intaglio + fill)

Keychain material: polyester, leather, pvc, etc. The most used material is polyester.

Size: The regular size is 13x3cm (can be any size and shape according to customer's requirements)

Accessories: The maximum use is 1 metal eyelet + 1 metal split ring, (you can choose Metal Buckle, you can fix D buckle, textured keychain, etc.)

Weight: 8.35 g / pcs (conventional accessories, embroidery logo), different accessories will affect the weight of different processes.

Printing type: double-sided embroidery logo, single-sided printing logo, label on the other side that can be hand-written or detachable label

Color: can be customized according to Pantone (more than 1000 choices)

Use range: promotion, advertising, daily use ID / key / mobile phone / whistle / bag / shoes.

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