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Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co., Ltd, is a professional & high quality zipper and Lanyard manufacture factory, owned advanced and professional production & test equipments. Focus on design and producing different kinds of garment & bag accessories , and built up long term business cooperating relationships with many big domestic & international brands. Based on years' experience in zipper production, our products are highly appraised & approved by customers who from the fields of garment, handbag and home fittings production. The main products are Nylon Zipper ,Metal Zipper ,Plastic Zipper .including all kinds of customized sliders and pullers. Meanwhile, Various of zinc alloy Metal Hardware Accessories fittings for garment & handbag are also included, customized logo new molds are welcome all the products with approval of SGS test ,as the quality is the soul of an enterprise, no complaint for the product quality was received till now. That's why so many big brands choose YYX zipper. With brand quality but competitive price, YYX products are spreading all over the world . We owned a 24hours professional before & after sales service team ,if any questions you can check with our team members any time ! Choose YYX zipper ,that means you choose brand quality products ,cost-efficient price ,safety business partner! YYX zipper factory ,welcome all new and old customers to visit any time !
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  • 20mm Silkscreen Company Lanyard with Logo Custom

    20mm Silkscreen Company Lanyard with Logo Custom

    20mm Silkscreen College Lanyard with Custom Logo  This is a domineering lanyard, the custom company logo Lanyard is a single-sided printing logo, the logo is silk screen printing and the w
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  • Personalized Champions League Large Event Lanyards Cheap

    Personalized Champions League Large Event Lanyards Cheap

    Personalized Champions League Large event lanyards cheap This is a Personalized Lanyards Cheap used in large football events. The Personalized Lanyards Cheap is 88+2cm in length and 2cm wide do
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  • Custom 2018 black blank logo printed promo lanyards

    Custom 2018 black blank logo printed promo lanyards

    Custom 2018 black blank logo printed promo lanyards This is an ordinary Black Blank Lanyards, the Lanyard webbing is black and very soft. The length of the entire webbing is 90cm and the width
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  • Cheap price logo neck lanyards for badges

    Cheap price logo neck lanyards for badges

    Cheap price logo neck lanyards for badges This is a cheap price lanyards for the football field, the cheap logo neck lanyards has two parts, one is the international game of the scene pattern,
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  • Textile is a traditional industry in China with a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Chinese textiles had already crossed the vast ocean for the benefit of the world. Today, the textile industry is still a strong industry in China. Many customer tend to custom brand name lanyards, which can represent the company`s image. The small lanyard actually needs a lot of working procedures. The following examples are the production process of radio lanyard,toy lanyard, ID card lanyard. 1. Ribbon: The material of brand name lanyards is nylon, pp, polyester and high elastic cotton. The general width specification is 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. 2. Accessories: General fittings include metal buckles, certificate clips, plastic aircraft buckles, inserts, safety buckles, etc. 3. Printing: The General Exhibition lanyard will require the text and pattern to be propagated. 4. Assembly: Print first, cut according to the specified size, add string, plastic buckle, glue or pressed metal sheet, and finally pack. After inspection, a lanyard can be shipped in this way. Below is some advantage of brand name lanyards: High strength material: strong retractable fuselage box, metal spring, pure color line and transparent badge clip. Heavy scalable plastic ID Badge Clamp/Scalable Badge Clamp Fixed ID Badge with Heavy Rope. Easy Access ID Card/Replacement ID Card: 60.96 cm durable rope easy to stretch and replace, no label or hook. Transparent PVC scaffolding allows easy scanning of bar codes. The plastic badge holder can accommodate multiple standard credit cards or similar heavy items, such as cruise cards, access cards, cash, keys, office ID, school ID, driver's license, business cards or items of similar size, such as cash, keys, etc. Waterproof identification tank: Made of durable thick PVC, transparent badge clamp is very durable and flexible, with larger outer edge to prevent tearing. Transparent top sealed zipper prevents dust and helps protect employees from identifying . Comfortable and retractable Lace - 16 mm wide 45.72 cm long ID badge hanging rope is made of flat knitted polyester, comfortable and light. This hanging rope is equipped with a 60.96 cm retractable scroll kit, allowing you to easily scan your ID card. Padded bracket: Excellent integrated solution, can accept ID badge bracket, key bracket, name badge clip, etc. With custom silkscreen logo, a safety buckle, nylon material tape, which is wear-resistant and dirt-proof even you`re working in the high temperature workshop.
  • Nowadays, with the development, many bag designs will customize some keychains. There are many types of keychains. When it comes to keychains, everyone thinks about metal keychains. But nowadays textile keychains are becoming more and more popular. Many brand bags, shoes and co-branded t-shirts are constantly using this keychain as a hanging ornament. Why is this? The first is the weight. Generally, the weight of such a custom fabric keychains is only about 8 grams. A metal keychain requires at least 15g of weight. The second is the material. We all know that the metal keychain is mainly made of zinc alloy, iron, copper, etc., and the metal will contain nickel. The third is the process: custom metal keychain surface treatment process: polishing, paint , soft enamel, printing, fuel injection, sand blasting, electroplating. These are all with serious pollution. The fourth is durability: although the metal is very hard, the surface treatment process makes the keychain very bright and smooth, but as a jewelry, it is very easy to collide. So the surface is very easy to scratch. Make the degree of good looks greatly reduced. So choose more and more bags, the keychain will choose a custom fabric keychains. Of course, there are a lot of custom fabric keychains, such as the advantages of the advertising gift keychain: 1 great mobility: the keychain point of the advertising gift has the advantage of where to go, and where the advertising gift is. 2 cost-effective: advertising gift keychain has the advantages of low input cost, fast manufacturing process, and deep consumer impression; 3 functional and practical: advertising gift keychain has the practical function of ordinary products, is an essential daily necessities for people; 4 propaganda effect: the advertising gift keychain printed on your company's logo or slogan, the advertising gift effect brought by itself is self-evident. 5 Timeliness: How long does the advertising gift keychain last? How long is the advertising gift aging? It can be used for long-term publicity. Now let's introduce some popular and popular custom fabric keychains: A. Classic red and white, red as the base, white as the logo. For example, the embroidery keychain on the shoes of the Fashion Editor Anna Wintour and Jordan shoes Nike joint series. Or the classic design of the custom jet tags before the "remove before flight" design. B. The custom fabric keychains with the lowest color of the country or army. For example, this uses the American flag as the key tag design, and the color on the second army suit as the key tag, plus the embroidery logo. C. You can choose the logo of the color matching related to the company industry, such as the black color key label of the pilot. White "pilot" letters and yellow patterns are used as logos. For example, beer bottle shapes and beer elements are used as logo custom fabric tag. D. Custom fabric keychains for geometric shapes, such as prismatic shapes, bracelet shapes, irregular graphics, etc. Finally, we briefly introduce the keychain properties: Logo type process: embroidery, weaving, silk screen, thermal transfer, jacquard and intaglio (or intaglio + fill) Keychain material: polyester, leather, pvc, etc. The most used material is polyester. Size: The regular size is 13x3cm (can be any size and shape according to customer's requirements) Accessories: The maximum use is 1 metal eyelet + 1 metal split ring, (you can choose metal buckle, you can fix D buckle, textured keychain, etc.) Weight: 8.35 g / pcs (conventional accessories, embroidery logo), different accessories will affect the weight of different processes. Printing type: double-sided embroidery logo, single-sided printing logo, label on the other side that can be hand-written or detachable label Color: can be customized according to Pantone (more than 1000 choices) Use range: promotion, advertising, daily use ID / key / mobile phone / whistle / bag / shoes.
  • A. Color matching suggestions for ID lanyards on various occasions "The ID lanyard is suitable for all occasions, such as conferences, exhibitions, work, promotions, etc., and the color of the lanyard used for each occasion.Also make a distinction, then let's explain to you the suggestions for the color matching of the lanyard in various occasions. 1).Promotional lanyard color matching: For example, some units will advertise on the lanyard when engaging in large-scale promotional activities, and now people and guests may wear small gifts. The color of these lanyards must be choose bright and eye-catching colors such as "yellow, orange, fluorescent green and red." logo and certificate lanyard color matching: For example, if the LOGO is colorful, it is recommended to select a background color that is not colliding with the LOGO and the text color (same or close) to highlight the LOGO display. 3).Conference certificate custom made lanyards color matching: If it is a large conference, the number of people is large, and it can be divided into several colors: the person who speaks on the stage is a color, the media person is a color, and the foreign guests are one color. The staff is one color, the other person is a color, etc. According to the classification of such lanyard color, the personnel can be quickly distinguished.Of course, this proposal can also be used in large companies, large companies, different departments, different color ribbons, or different employee positions, different color combinations. This will not only quickly identify the job, but also avoid some grievances. 4).Corporate image lanyard color matching: many companies have their own image specification color, the red ribbon white logo is lower than the remove before flight lanyard, the Swedish SD lanyard is dark blue colorful logo, the pilot lanyard is black ribbon, white and yellow logo, DHL lanyard is yellow ribbon red logo, etc. The bottom of the lanyard color natural can also use its own standard color. B. Advice on the accessories of the id lanyard in various occasions: "The matching of the custom made lanyards in addition to the color needs to be understood, and the accessories used for the lanyard need to be used just right. What kind of occasions need to be matched to bring comfort, convenience or their good helper. Then next Let me explain to you the advice of the lanyard lanyard in various occasions. 1. If the business lanyard or meeting lanyard: can be relatively simple, the ribbon material accessories with a comfortable lanyard. Therefore, only 1pcs metal hook can be considered as an accessory for the id lanyard. If you need to swipe your ID to verify the identity of the company, consider the lanyard accessory is an retractable badge reel. (retractable badge reel can also be customized logo) 2. If it is a large event, or a concert, consider using 2pcs metal lobster hook and id card holder. 3. If it is a custom made lanyards of a nurse or doctor's occupation, you can consider using a plastic hook or a removable plastic buckle . 4. If it is a bar, KTV, catering, etc., you can add a zinc alloy opener to the lanyard accessories. (can also be given as a gift to guests) 5. If you need to wear a lanyard on your phone, you need to add a cellphone loop accessory. 6. If it is a coach lanyard, you can add a whistle at the metal lobster hook at the end. Custom made lanyards color or accessories: In the above case, how to use the lanyard color or lanyard accessories with suggestions. I hope to give you a good reference when customizing the lanyard. The id lanyard represents a kind of work attitude and spirit, so it is necessary to match the color according to the occasion and play the role of custom made lanyards. The collocation of lanyard accessories is a great feature that is a consideration for you or others. "
  • Based on more than 14 years export experience till now , knew and met many different customers who from all over the world , most of oversea sales prefer paying more attentions to the custom who from United States ,Europe etc , however , India was not included , because in their opinions , the purchasing price of Indian order were too low to accept ,even though the qty of orders were big ,for example, one container per month or two containers per season , so many inquiries or online contacts from India were not being treated importantly . Honestly , that`s unfair for Indian customers , every customer no matter which country comes from, they are same and equal , they just want to find the most cost-efficient offer to get the order from their customers , not to earn highest profits. As far as we concerned, the international business become more and more difficult than before , we have to face and accept the cost of raw material and salary of employees keep raising every year ,but the target price of our long time business customers were still kept same as before, the same to Indian customer , the cost of import fee keep raising every year , so they don`t have enough profits to run the business between suppliers and their direct customers , that`s why they need to find the most cost-efficient price to operate all , that`s normal and reasonable . Yes , we always know and understand the Indian market and customer ,have been cooperating with them like other customers, so several Indian nice customers were built up long term business relationship with us ,actually they are all very hard-workding like Chinese people , normally What`s App and email response were replied quickly , moreover , they pay more attention to the quality of products , even arrange the third party professional QC company to test the cargo for the first order , to make sure everything is ok then begin long term cooperation . All in all , pls be treated equally to the Indian customers , they are same as others ,even better . Don`t miss every potential business and customer
  • where to buy Aircraft Buckle Keychain? This is a highly realistic Aircraft Buckle Keychain that can be used with any type of logo to imitate the actual aircraft seat belt, which is about half the size of a real seat belt. Enjoy endless satisfaction and release the upper lever, then listen to a satisfying [click" when closing the buckle. It's easy to know that your key is safely stored and ready to take off! So this Aircraft Buckle Keychain is a very good personalized gift. Aircraft Buckle Keychain: Ring diameter: 3cm Buckle Size: 4cm length Tape Size: 10cm Length 3 cm width Buckle Finishing:shiny / matte / antique Pack:individual poly bag packing, quick custom pack Process:Die casting , stamping, spin casting, printing Material:Zinc Alloy (Buckle) Polyester (Ribbon) Polyester Buckle Plating color: nickel / yellow /rose gold / brass / chrome / Tape Color:Soft enamel /Synthetic enamel/Hard Enamel (Pantone color) Sample & Mass time: 3-5 days for samples, about 10-20 days as per your final QTY for mass production Keychains sample picture : 1. What's your best price for this Aircraft Buckle Keychain? A: We will quote you best price according to your quantity, so when you making an inquiry, please let us know the quantity you want. 2. What's your MOQ? Can I mix styles and colors? A: ForCustom Logo Mini Aircraft Buckle Seat belt Keychain, MOQ is 500pcs per color. usually we don't accept mix styles.But for the first order,and we see your sincerity to cooperate,we will try to accept 300pcs per color,and the unit price will be higher than the unit price of 500pcs. 3. What's the delivery time? A: production time is 10-15 days after confirm with every details. 4.What's your packing? A:Our usual packing for Aircraft Buckle Keychain is opp bag, then packed in export carton. 5. Can we customized color and size and tape with our own logo? A: Yes, you can ,customized color and size is ok, we can do your logo and design for the printing, usually need to charge for the mold fee for small orders. 6.What about the warranty? A: We are very confident in our products, every pcs of Aircraft Buckle Keychain were tested ok here,and we pack them very well, so usually you will receive your order in good condition. But to avoid any subsequent trouble regarding quality issue, we suggest that you check the Aircraft Buckle Keychain once you receive them,and let us know the details if there is any damaged ones, so that we can deal with it accordingly. 7.Does your factory audit? Yes,our factory is audited by TüV Rheinland .
  • What are some common keychains? Some common keychains: The keychain is a decorative item that hangs on the key ring. Choosing a key with your favorite keychain not only reflects your personal taste and personality, but also gives you a happy mood. There are many types of key chains, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, fashion objects, and miniature object shapes. There are various qualities such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, and polyester. The keychain can also be used as a small gift for a friend or to express your heart. Which of the following figures do you like?
  • [Keychain] keychain introduction Keychain, also known as keychain, keychain, keychain, keychain, etc. The materials used to make the key chain are usually metal, leather, plastic, wood, and the like. This object is exquisite and compact, and its shape is ever-changing. It is a daily necessities that people carry every day. The keychain is a decorative item that hangs on the key ring. Choosing a key with your favorite keychain not only reflects your personal emotions and personality, but also shows your taste and gives you a happy mood. Keychains come in a variety of shapes, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, simulation models, and more. The material is generally made of copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, and the like. Zinc alloys are now mainly coated with nickel or niobium. ■ Give boyfriend a keychain most popular recommendation 1) Men's Keychain Car Keychain 2) Creative waist hanging gift to send boyfriend couple silence love couple keychain 3) Super cute Kate cat keychain / key ring / key ring 4) cute puppy variety of pendant creative men and women keychain car keychain spot purchase 5) Ebony Keychain Car Keychain Evil Umbrella Pendant Accident Car Key Pendant
  • 120 zipper = Variety skirt Recently, the United States introduced a magical "zipper skirt," by pulling or zipper, can change a variety of shapes, a skirt "hundred" wear. Zippered skirt with 120 independent zippers, each zipper can be partially or fully opened. Skirt opening and closing through the zipper to add or remove clothing, can change more than 100 kinds of styles. People can adjust zipper skirt collar, skirt length and sleeve length. Variety zipper skirt is not Langdefang name, if the skirt opened from the middle, remove part of the fabric, that is, by the Bra and mini skirt composed of two sets. If only part of the zipper opened a few, revealing the skin or shirt, you can create more styling. Zipper dress designer Sebastian Erasureris said in an interview with The Telegraph on the 17th: "The zipper dress can be turned into a dinner dress, a T-shirt, a miniskirt or even a belt." The stylist Michelle Clare suggested: "If you do not want to reveal the entire waist, open a small zipper, will not be exposed too much. If you do not have confidence in the front, then reveal the entire back. How long you want to how long, Just short. ,[",,,[".120,.,100...,,,,.,,.Sebastian Erasureris《》:[,T,,."Michelle Clare:[,.".,.,." Recently, the United States launched a magic "zipper skirt", through zippers or zippers, you can change the shape of a skirt, "100" wear. Zipper skirt has 120 independent zippers, each zipper can be partially or completely opened.The opening and zipping of the skirt can increase or remove the clothes through the zipper, which can change more than 100 styles. People can adjust the zipper skirt collar, skirt length and sleeve length. Variety zipper skirt is not Lang Defang's name, if the skirt opens in the middle, remove part of the fabric, that is, by bra and miniskirt composed of two sets. If you only have some zippers open, revealing your skin or shirt, you can create more shapes. Zippered dress designer Sebastian Erasureris told The 17th Telegraph: "A zippered skirt can be turned into a dinner dress, a T-shirt, a miniskirt, or even a belt." "If you don't want to show the whole waist, open a small zipper," advises designer Michelle Clare. I will not expose too much. If you do not have confidence in front, then open the whole figure. How long do you think it is? It's so short. "
  • How can nylon plastic and metal zippers make clothes an advantage? There are all kinds of styles of clothes. We all know that some girls like to dress very cool, some girls like cute, some girls and girls like to be casual, or a bit sweet and fresh, so the clothes are matched with thousands of clothes, and clothes The zipper sometimes plays a very good effect to create the style details. If you have this kind of trouble, if you choose to match with the clothes, can you form your favorite style or become the finishing touch? You can ask Xiao Bian, Xiao Bian will tell you how the clothes are matched, form the combination you like and make your clothes have enough advantages. Contact the company below: Will they tell you if they match?
  • Choker, why is the Chinese become a dog band? 2017 sales very good choker, the female star, super model, the net star all have worn. I think it's going to be a good sell. Perhaps the highlight of the brand's necklace is the use of a variety of ornaments or gadgets appearing on the clothing bag's shoes, paired with the necklace. This can meet the shape of the hundred change and the change of wear. The picture necklace is designed with like shoe laces, bags and bras on the design, can be easily adjustable width, fat or thin lady and girls can wear. The following picture is not full of familiarity, this is look likea belt, belt buckle on it? This is look like a pu puller on the bag zipper. Of course, because the explosion of the appearance, wearing a lot of people, the appearance of the number of poor wear. Because generally wear choker will show two styles, cool or beautiful enough. You want to be cool, but you can't give up sweetness. So let choker instead become superfluous accessories, become redundant. Wearing a cumbersome lady, girl, the Chinese jokingly called it a dog belt. (See the choker you bring, or the dog belt.) For summer clothes, Stomacher is one of the essential items. But most girls get a little shy from being exposed to an empty shoulder? It doesn't matter, you can take choker. This is originally stomacher pull low center of gravity, because of the existence of choker balance, but also can easily transform different styles. Loose linen shirts with a fine choker can make the shape of the overly comfortable and instant texture up, Chinese star Yang Wear to feel is not very neck is strangled, look less refreshing, cumbersome feeling is not more.
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