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Shenzhen Yiyixing Zipper Manufacture Co Ltd is a professional high quality zipper and lanyard manufacture factory owned advanced and professional production test equipments Focus on design and producing different kinds of garment bag accessories and built up long term business cooperating relationships with many big domestic international brands Based on years experience in zipper production our products are highly appraised approved by customers who from the fields of garment handbag and home fittings production The main products are nylon zipper metal zipper plastic zipper including all kinds of customized sliders and pullers Meanwhile Various of zinc alloy metal hardware accessories...

Categories and Products


Nylon Zipper

CFC no3 close end nylon zipper No5 CFC Close End Nylon Zipper CFO open end nylon coil zipper 2 way open end nylon coil zipper Continuous Long Chain Nylon Zipper Roll No.5 DTM nylon separating zippers for jackets No5 Close End Multi-Color Polyester Zipper Black nylon zipper with non lock slider Custom cheap nylon coil zipper No7 zipper heavy duty nylon zipper for garment Hanging Plated Gold Chain Nylon Coil Zipper wholesale and custom two way nylon zipper No.3 Close End Plastic Nylon Zipper for Pillow Supper Strength No7 Shoes Nylon Zipper No10 Big Teeth Continuous Nylon Zipper Large Size Silver Chain Nylon Zipper Hot sale variety NO.3 nylon reverse zipper Custom Plating Purple Gold Nylon Coil Zipper Fashion Women Dresses Lace Nylon Zipper Safety Plastic End Nylon Zipper for Casual Wear 

Metal Zipper

No5 Nickel Brass Teeth Metal Zipper Gold Plated Close End Metal Zipper No3 Antique Brass C/E Metal Zipper Gold brass teeth open end metal zipper Golden 2 way open end metal zipper no.3 No5 Shiny Silver Teeth Metal Zipper Silver 2 way open end metal zipper Anti Copper Teeth 4.5 YG Metal Zipper 4.5 YG slider gold metal zipper Custom logo rubber puller metal zipper Top and bottom puller old silver metal zipper Custom Black Nickel Teeth No.5 Metal Zipper Custom Puller Dark Nickel Metal Zipper No.3 Double Lock Metal Zipper in Brass Navy Blue 4YG Semi Auto Lock Metal Zipper long chain custom metal separating zipper Autolock Slider Open End Metal Zippers Fashion Rose Gold Teeth Metal Zipper Silver Teeth YG 4.5 Metal Zipper Trapezoid Zip Puller Metal Zipper for Handbags 

Plastic Zipper

No5 Close End Plastic Resin Zipper for Sale Garment Production VSO Plastic Open End Zipper Top Bottom Pull 2 Way Open-End Plastic Zipper Wholesale Long Chain Continuous Plastic Zipper Heavy duty No8 No10 plastic resin zipper Shiny Silver Teeth No10 Separating Plastic Zipper SGS Approval Two Way Separating Plastc Zipper Special multi-color plastic zipper with custom logo No20 Big Teeth Custom Plastic Zipper Oversize Large Teeth Giant Plastic Zipper Size 10 Big Teeth Resin Zipper in Roll Giant Plastic Teeth 30 Delrin Zipper Chain Separative Colored Zip Teeth #5 Plastic Rainbow Zipper Two Tone Thread Weaving Fabric Plastic Zipper Customized Sublimation Printing Camouflage Plastic Zipper Rose Gold Plated Delrin Zipper Long Chain Gold Plated Square Shape Teeth Plastic Zipper New Dynamic Teeth Plastic Injected Zipper Metallic Colored Gold Teeth Plastic Chain Zipper Dream Color Teeth POM Injected Plastic Zipper 

Special Zipper

Reflective Zipper

No3 No5 reflective nylon zippers Sizes no.3 4 5 Reflective Zipper for Sale Cheap price Eco-friendly 5 reflective nylon zipper Cheap price fancy color nylon reflective zipper Long chain heavy duty reflective zipper fancy zipper Reflective nylon zipper with good price Reflective printing nylon zipper for sale Red nylon reflective zipper roll in cheap price High visibility glow reflective tape waterproof zips Home textile waterproof reflective nylon zipper 5# customized nylon teeth reflective zipper for cloth 

Waterproof Zipper

Black Nylon Waterproof Zipper Open End High quality open end waterproof zipper wholesale Waterproof fashionable plastic zipper for sale Open End Shiny Waterproof Coil Zipper Good quality TPU coating reversible waterproof zipper Cutting Waterproof Zipper with Matt Surface Customized size fashion waterproof nylon zipper New special colorful teeth waterproof zipper Popular design dyed teeth water resistant zipper Long chain rose gold teeth water proof zipper Rose gold teeth reversible zipper roll for backpack No.5 Cheap nylon invisible waterproof zipper bags Widely used surface dumb tape waterproof zipper Locking Head Resin Reflective Tape Waterproof Zippers High quality TPU coating waterproof zippers for handbags No.5 auto lock 7 inch long waterproof zipper YKK quality long reflective water resistant zippers Custom TPU coated long chain waterproof zipper Custom logo TPU water resistant zipper High Quality No.5 TPU Waterproof Nylon Zipper 

Invisible Zipper

8 14 Inches zipper invisible 100 pieces Small black coat invisible zipper 6 Inches YKK sewing invisible zipper Buy yellow invisible zippers for sale Invisible zips with regular zipper foot Sewing hidden invisible zip 24 Inch invisible zipper hidden zippers 22 Inch sewing invisible zipper with regular foot Hand sew foot invisible zipper buy YKK invisible zipper foot zip for dressmaking Concealed sewing invisible zipper 6 Foot invisible zipper for pillow Factory direct modern dress using pink invisible zippers NO.3 invisible lace tape zipper for small skirt Women Dress Twill Fabric No5 Invisible Zipper No.3 customized tape length nylon invisible zipper Various Color Custom Beautiful Nylon Invisible zipper No.5 Invisible Nylon Zipper for Mini Skirt no.3 lace tape invisible zipper in rolls No.3 mesh closed end hidden zipper for dress 

Rainbow Zipper

Rainbow Teeth Polyester Zipper Yards No5 Rainbow Corn Teeth Separating Metal Zipper Rainbow teeth NO.7 nylon zipper by the meter 

PVC Zipper

Transparent Clip PVC Zipper Roll ziplock style pvc zipper bags wholesale 2.4cm width transparent ziplock PVC zipper Factory direct transparent pvc zipper wholesale Custom width PVC ziplock style zipper PVC zipper with metal slider for sale ShenZhen clear pvc zipper for bag Exquistite and clear nylon teeth pvc tape zipper Soft clear vinyl pvc zipper wholesale for bags Continuous PVC zipper roll outdoor zipper chain Custom pvc transparent zipper for pvc bag Decorative green pvc zippers roll for pouch Wholesale plastic pvc zipper and zip seal 

Custom Logo Zipper

Custom logo printing waterproof nylon zipper Special custom logo No5 waterproof nylon zipper No7 rainbow zipper custom logo nylon zipper 

Zipper Slider and Puller

Alloy Puller

High quality zinc alloy zipper pullers New zinc alloy decorative puller for garment New style zinc alloy decorative zipper puller Top quality no5 alloy puller for sale Cheap No3 metal zipper puller wholesale Wholesale custom alloy metal backpack zipper puller Zinc Alloy Zipper Puller With Slider Wholesale Zinc Alloy Custom Zipper Puller For Clothing metal logo decorative zipper puller for bags popular decorative plated gold metal building logo puller custom die cut mold silver gold metal puller Shiny gold hollow leaves logo metal zipper slider shiny silver single engraved logo brand puller cute flower zinc alloy puller for handbags purse Shinny gold no5 nylon zipper slider puller 

Rubber Puller

Embossed PVC soft rubber zipper puller slider Soft pvc customized shape rubber zip puller Design 2d 3d rubber puller logo for zippers Debossed logo soft silicone letter zip puller Soft pvc zipper puller with custom logo Custom 3D LOGO Rubber Puller with Slider colorful rubber silicone zipper puller for bags Custom pvc rubber zipper puller for clothing custom rubber silicone auto lock zip puller Brand Custom Letters Silicone Zipper Slider Pullers custom design star rubber puller for plastic zipper Good quality embossed zipper plastic cord puller Newest big plastic cord puller for luggage 

Non Lock Slider

Wholesale non lock shiny silver no.3 sliders 5 replace zipper pull replacement zipper slider YKK quality 7 zipper sliders replacement zipper pull 8 non lock zip zipper slider replacement zipper slider replacement parts Gold replacement tab new zipper slider Buy zipper slider custom zipper slider parts Customized zipper puller and replacement zipper tab Zinc alloy strong replacement zippers pull zipper slider Nickel - free Custom Metal Zipper Pullers Standard non lock custom metal zipper slider No.5 non lock brass slider for garment Non lock slider type and feature design Newest popular custom non lock sliders Garment zipper non lock sliders for sale No.5 metal zipper non lock slider wholesale wholesale nylon and metal zipper non lock pullers Custom metal zipper slider puller with non lock Plastic made over size 15 zipper slider cheap gold metal zip sliders for handbag 

Auto Lock Slider

No5 Colorful Auto Lock Zipper Slider No7 Auto Locking Nylon Zipper Slider Plastic Zipper Slider Auto Lock Zip Puller Custom Size Auto Lock Metal Zipper Slider Customized zipper auto lock slider for handbag High quality auto lock no5 zipper slider Metal Auto Lock Zipper Sliders for Garment Spring Auto Lock 4.5 YG Zipper Slider Spring Lock YG4 Jeans Metal Zipper Slider Black Paracord Mesh Texture Rubber Puller Cheap price gold plating zipper slider puller custom design sliver slider gold metal zipper puller High quality debossed logo gold metal zipper slider Fashion rubber zipper puller gray metal slider Custom Garment Accessories Rose Gold Metal Zipper Slider 

Other zipper puller & Slider

String logo puller plastic zipper puller with cord Custom cord zipper puller with string for jackets Genuine leather zipper puller with stamped logo Plastic string cord zipper puller with logo Customized logo genuine leather zip puller with rivets Thread Sewing Brown PU Leather Zipper Slider customized fancy slider pu leather zipper puller New design genuine leather custom zipper puller black brown debossed pu leather zipper puller custom embossed logo leather zipper slider pulls Latest style orange leather puller for slider custom soft rubber zipper puller with logo hot selling PVC plastic rubber zipper puller personalized 3d logo sportswear cord zipper puller custom logo clothes soft plastic zipper puller Various styles of silicone rubber zipper pull Eco-friendly genuine leather branded zipper puller Custom Brand Leather Zipper Pullers for Purses Custom Sewing Leaf Leather Zip Puller 

Metal Hardware Accessories

Metal Logo Plate

Shiny polished metal brand logos for bag High quality engraved metal plates for bags Custom logo gold polish metal plate Custom design metal labels for decoration Fashion design zinc alloy metal name tags Factory wholesale metal name plates Polished finish zinc alloy nameplate for purse Shiny polish finish custom metal name tags Stylish engraved name plates handbag accessories Fashion small metal jewelry tags for decoration Custom logo engraved name tags in shiny gold Newest Design Custom Metal Luggage Tag New handbag custom metal tags wholesale Custom engraved metal logo plate for handbag Debossed logo custom metal nameplates for luggage Brand logo custom engraved name plates Highly galvanized engraved metal name tags Decorative engraving metal alloy name plate 2016 metal tags engraved letter logo Wholesale promotional custom logo metal badge 

Metal Buckle

Wholesale Fashion High Quality Belt Buckle High quality cheap fashion design belt buckle D ring good quality buckle for sale Hot sale metal D ring for bags High quality zinc alloy material dog buckles wholesale and custom metal buckle for bag wholesale and custom metal heel bar buckle Best price promotional iron stainless steel belt buckles metal character style hats buckle and magnet buckle High quality snap dog hook metal swivel hook Normal Silver Metal Stopper Cord Lock Accessories Metal Swivel Snap Hooks For Bags bulldog silver metal dog hook for sale custom shiny metal insert buckle for lanyard customization national style of metal dog buckle Customized logo luggage metal accessories buckle Aluminum Alloy Hiking Climb Carabiner Hook Hardware gunmetal color metal spring rings O ring Fashion Dog Snap Big Metal Spring Hook Accessories Metal Loop Oval Ring Clips Hook 

Metal Button

Bling unique design both faces metal rivets Antique silver 24L spring snap press button Gold flat brass painted eyelets with logo 22L Solid plastic top brass spring snaps Shiny Gold Plated 4 Parts Snap Metal Buttons Big size 15mm flat gold silver eyelets Painting colored round metal eyelets for Canvas Outer diameter 15mm metal aluminum eyelets Reliable Iron printed cute Pin button badge Metal safety silkscreen pin tin button badge 


Heat Transfer Lanyard

Customized heat transfer printing lanyards for sale Personalized heat transfer lanyard hot sale Security safety breakaway polyster heat-transfer lanyard Plastic badge reel heat transfer lanyard Heat transfer lanyard with retractable clip Best price high quality heat transfer polyester lanyard Colorful high quality wholesale heat transfer lanyard Wholesale heat transfer printed polyester lanyards Heat transfer printing custom bottle opener lanyard Fashion cheap customized heat transfer lanyard with logo Personalized logo printing plastic retractable clip lanyard Season 2016 league of legends lanyard Customized logo sublimation lanyard with two clips Cheap custom printed sublimation logo lanyard Wholesale promotional customized logo double sided lanyard Custom children neck lanyard with cute cartoon logo Quality Cartoon Game Wholesale Lanyards Gree Shipping Print heat transfer popular press card lanyard Phone games fashion cheap heat transfer lanyard High qulity online game sublimation complete lanyards 

Silk-Screen Lanyard

Silk-screen printing satin red lanyard Customized fashion silk-screen printing lanyard Ployester silk-screen logo lanyard with safety breakaway Cheap silk-screen printing lanyards for phone Fancy neck id card holder silk-screen lanyards High quality silk-screen lanyard with metal hook Hot sale custom silk-screen nursing lanyard Sale detachable buckle silk-screen printing lanyard Promotional hot sale silk-screen printing lanyard Custom size silk-screen printing with lanyard Silk screen printing lanyard with card holder 88cm silkscreen logo printed satin lanyard Custom Pocket Cell phone Hanging Short Lanyard Custom silkscreen logo printed wrist short lanyard Custom Screen Printing LOGO Satin Sports Lanyard 1 Color Screen Printed Tube Polyester Lanyards Fine Nylon Lanyard with 1 Color Print Wholesale cute cartoon dye silkscreen exhibition lanyard Woven washable two hook nylon lanyard Wholesale Card Lanyard Student Sports Neck Lanyard 

Jacquard Lanyard

Customized woven logo jacquard lanyard with logo Cheap woven brand name jacquard lanyard Single side remove before flight jacquard lanyard Airline safety buckle seat belt jacquard lanyards Printing Yellow Logo Green Tape Lanyard For Exhibition Jacqurad printing logo design medal braided neck lanyard Blue 2017 jacquard woven lanyard card Simple jacquard logo games lanyard with card holder Company name brand cheap green cell phone lanyard custom cheap jacquard retractable lanyard jacquard id card neck lanyard for school cheap custom design pouch braided neck lanyards Premium Double Jacquard Lanyards With Logo Embroidered cheap custom jacquard woven plain lanyards Promotional neck strap jacquard woven cotton lanyard Cheap Round Jacquard Woven Rope Cord Lanyard Professional custom thick jacquard knitted printed lanyard customized thick jacquard knitted cotton lanyard single layer embroidery cheap designer jacquard lanyard Kids jacquard logo gray woven thick lanyard 

Silicone Lanyard

Embossed silicone rubber logo printing lanyard High quality cellphone silicone lanyard High Quality phone small short rubber lanyard Hot sell custom silicone cell phone lanyard holder Best mobile phone neck strap silicone lanyard Custom Necklace Silicone Strap Phone Holder Lanyard Wholesale silicone cellphone case holder lanyard 

Zipper Lanyard

Custom environment friendly material zipper lanyard Popular fashion zippers neck lanyard for sale Custom logo short zipper lanyard plastic lanyard Popular fashion style funny custom logo zipper lanyard Fashion promotion plastic zipper neck lanyard wholesale Cute Neck Strap Plastic Zipper Lanyard Custom plastic zipper lanyards for key holder Customized fashion zipper lanyard for phone holder High quality plastic zipper lanyards for sale Top quality colorful zipper lanyard for wholesale Zipper lanyard for keys and ID holder Variours styles blue and pink zipper lanyard Custom logo puller rainbow resin Zipper lanyard customized plastic zipper lanyard with rubber puller phone strip zip lanyard with rubber tag custom Wholesale best zipper key strap lanyard for keys 

Sparkly Lanyards

Custom bling rhinestone lanyards for badges Wholesale cheap sparkly lanyards with id holder Cheap black bling lanyards for sale bling retractable lanyards badge holder wholesale pink bling id neck lanyards Bling rhinestone lanyards with id badge holder 

Other Promotional Products


Eco-friendly 3d embossed logo rubber keychain Promotional cartnoon character pvc rubber keychain Blister package airline buckle seat belt keychain Cheap 3d 2d logo rubber label keychain Wholesale customized design rubber label keychain High end airline buckle seatbelt metal key ring Customized skull shape logo 3d silicone keychain Remove before flight embroidery key ring Cheap Embroidery Polyester Custom Fabric Key Ring Embroided remove before flight LOGO key ring Wholesale promotional anime rubber 3d labels custom LOGO 3d cartoon silicone labels Die cut metal name logo custom keyring Custom Logo Printed Promotional Aluminum Carabiner Keychain retractable swivel climbing carabiner keychains with strap Custom silk screen printing logo carabiner hook keychain D shaped aluminium carabiner keychain with strap Custom Branded Name Logo Printed Embroidery Keychain Customized Red Embroidery Tag Airport Flight Keychain promotional embroidery logo 3cm width woven keychain 

Rubber Label

Eco-friendly custom brand name logo rubber label Cheap customized logo PVC tag rubber label badge Personalized logo rubber pvc badge pvc tag Logo Customized Best selling PVC Rubber Label Custom Soft Rubber Cartoon Label Name 3D Logo custom manmon rubber key tag garment label 10cm Soft Labels Embossed Rubber Patch Custom Design Key 3d Soft PVC Labels Fashion American Hero Cartoons Cute Small Silicon Keychain 3D cartoon shape silicone rubber patch garment label Fashion Japanese Anime Cute Silicon Soft Keychain Soft and adorable 2D cartoon pvc keychain Promotional Silicone Cartoon Keychain Rubber Key Chain Cartoon Custom 3D Soft Silicon Rubber Keychains OEM cute cartoon pvc bottle logo patch 

Wristbands & Bracelets

Silicone Ring Wedding Band For Women and Men Promotional Custom Soft Sport Silicone Wristband Custom festival Bracelet Adjustable Silicone Wristband promotional gift embossed silicone rubber bracelets promotional gift embossed with printed silicone wristbands Fashion Embossed Bracelet Promotion Silicone Wristband Various Silicone Wristbands With Free Professional Design Custom Logo debossed and embossed silicone bracelet Sport Bangle Wristband Fashion Accessories Silicone Bracelet Sports competition souvenir red silicone bracelets Promotional Gift Bulk Silicone debossed Wristband silkscreen logo personalized ink filled silicone bracelets Promotion Gifts Rubber Bracelet For 2018 World Cup personalized screen silicone band wristband bracelet 2018 fashion silicone charms good luck bracelet Fashional Style Logo Printed Wide silicone bracelet debossed embossed silicone bracelet with logo single debossed wristband silicone arm band for gifts Printed Logo Epoxy Colors Mixed Silicone Bracelet funny colorful segment bracelet silicone wristband 


Flashing led lighting shoelace wholesale Glow in the dark flashing led shoelace Custom Colorful LED Luminescent Shoelace With Battery Colored target cool LED shoelaces for adults In the night light up shoelaces for sale colorful led lighted shoelaces at the party Glowing multi color LED shoelaces for men High flashing glow string led lighted shoelace Custom 110cm straight led shoelaces for sports new product led colorful shoelaces for holiday 

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